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Welcome to the UroWiki

Welcome to the UroWiki, a user-edited guide to all things uromastyx.
New to uromastyx? Check the FAQ, or choose from the categories below.

Update, Dec 2011: due to the massive amounts of spam signups we're getting hammered with, I have disabled user registration for the time being.
If you would like to sign up to the UroWiki as an editor, please contact me directly.

About the uromastyx / general health

All about the beautiful genus Uromastyx.


Setting up, maintainance, substrate, etc.


What to feed and when to feed.

Light and heat

UVB, MVB, basking spots, thermal gradients...


Mating, breeding and hatchlings.


Handling, brumation, and anything that doesn't fit elsewhere.

Other stuff

Helping with the Wiki

The UroWiki was started in summer 2009 with the aim of increasing the amount of reliable and up-to-date information regarding uromastyx. For this reason, we need your help to keep expanding and updating the articles - please sign up now or help in other ways. Note that due to high spam sign-up activity, and to help combat graffitti, all accounts must be personally reviewed before being granted editor rights - sorry for any delays. Feel free to visit the forums for anything that's on your mind. We also have an IRC channel.


Thanks to all who have helped the UroWiki, directly or indirectly. Any material, research, quotations or graphics are of course copyrighted property of their original owners, and used with permission where indicated.

This site is privately hosted and maintained by filecore, together with a small group of helpers who are starting to get things done, and is entirely self-funded.

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