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Welcome to the new, embedded Vestacam! This isn't perfect yet, and it suffers from picture artefacts (due to the lighting?) as well as not being 'always-on' as the old Vestacam was. However, it can be embedded directly into the wiki, which is always a bonus! Please bear with us as we play around with the settings. This actually seems to be much worse picture quality than the old Vestacam (which was served via WebcamXP).


Old stream (via New stream (via

Updates (16 September 2010)

  • NEW: webcam is offline for the time being due to hardware problems, but don't worry, it will be up again at some point!
  • Hmm, I've had to disable the 'fullscreen' function for the time being. It may or may not work, randomly. Best not to even try.
  • Right, I've added both the old and new streams - so you should see one or the other functioning, depending on which system I'm currently running. If both are down, it means the local server and webcam are off because it's nighttime where I am, and there's no point streaming. You can get availability times from my user page.
  • Top tip: if you ever encounter a UStream video feed, click on the small 'play' button in the bar at the bottom. If you click on the large 'play' symbol in the middle of the viewscreen area, it opens the whole thing again in a new window. No idea why.
  • Top tip: if you see a menu of recommended viewing, that's the default state when it's offline. Try pressing the 'reload' icon in the bottom left of the panel.
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